About Quakernomics

About Quakernomics

Quakernomics is a forum for discussion and debate about the relationships between the economic system, our lives, and the Earth. It is a space to both reflect on and plan ways to build a more just and sustainable world.

Quakernomics been set up by Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) as a space for Friends and others to share ideas, debate, learn and be inspired to take action.

Who are we?

QPSW works with, and on behalf of Friends in Britain to translate Quaker faith into action. Our Economic Justice
and Sustainability programmes help Quakers and others to live more sustainable lives and to explore the connections
between sustainability, economics and peace.. We work to influence the policies of governments, companies and others to promote a fairer and more equitable international economic system and to help transform Britain
into a more sustainable society.  For more information see: www.quaker.org.uk/qpsw

Why economics and sustainability?

“The environmental crisis is enmeshed with global economic injustice and we must face our responsibility as one of the
nations which has unfairly benefited at others’ expense, to redress inequalities which, in William Penn’s words, are ‘wretched and blasphemous.’ (Quaker faith & practice 25.13)”  Britain Yearly Meeting 2011 Minute 36

Our action is driven by the Quaker testimonies to peace, simplicity, truth and equality.  We believe that peace is not
just the absence of war but a process concerned with social transformation and right relationships. Economic injustice – the unfair or unequal distribution of or access to resources and opportunity – is itself a form of ‘structural violence’. Economic systems which are based on justice rather than exploitation are a necessary component of a peaceful society.

Quakers have long been aware that it is our responsibility both to conserve the earth’s resources and to share them more
equitably.  This understanding and our commitment to act on it was affirmed most recently at Britain Yearly Meeting
2011, where Quakers in Britain made a commitment to become a low carbon, sustainable community.  For more information: www.quaker.org.uk/minute-36