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Earth and Economy – Spring 2016

We’ve just sent out the latest edition of our Earth and Economy newsletter! In this edition, we hear about the new economy project, Friends taking action for climate justice, explore the benefits of local currencies, and more. You can read all the articles on Quakernomics by clicking on the following links: The New Economy project: working on a […]

Local currencies – opening the discussion about what our money is for

Gill Westcott of Exeter Meeting, and a member of the Exeter Pound project group, writes about some of the different ways of sustaining local economies and reflects on the growth of local currencies in the UK. Local currencies are not a new idea. In medieval times, many currencies were specific to towns or regions. In […]

Quaker Peace & Social Witness Sustainability & New Economy Grants

Each year, QPSW awards £5,000 to innovative Quaker or Quaker-supported projects focused on building sustainability and the new economy. Last year, we shared some of the projects from 2015 as they got started. Here, the groups tell their stories of what happened over the course of last year. Martha House Martha House offers accommodation for […]

Climate activism: what does our conscience lead us to do?

From 2014 to 2016, Quakers in Britain is sharing the stories of five people who refused to kill during World War I through the White feather diaries project. Sunniva Taylor, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, explores the links between the action they took and our activism today, asking what our peace testimony calls on us […]

Social security cuts poised to worsen inequality

The Welfare Reform and Work Act received royal assent on 16 March 2016. Quaker Peace & Social Witness, alongside many individual Friends and Quaker meetings, actively campaigned against the bill. Suzanne Ismail, Economic Issues Programme Manager for Quakers in Britain, discusses what the act means and how we might continue to challenge economic inequality. The […]

An update on the Quaker Living Wage campaign

In our last Earth and Economy newsletter, we heard from Lancaster Quakers as they launched their Quaker Living Wage campaign. Six months on, Ann Morgan, of the Lancaster Quaker Living Wage Group, gives an update on what’s been happening. In June 2015, having worked to raise awareness of the Living Wage in our local community […]

Building a community of climate action

Between 20 November and 12 December 2015, world governments met in Paris to negotiate a new international agreement on climate change. Here, we share some of the many actions taken by Quakers before and during the negotiations to call for climate justice, and explore what we can do next to realise the ambition outlined in […]

The New Economy project: Working on a larger scale

Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager for Quakers in Britain, shares what’s been happening on the New Economy project and explores why reflective, systemic thinking about economics is vital for creating change. The current economic system is unsustainable and unequal. We are currently consuming resources 50% faster than the global ecosystem can accommodate [] and […]

Social security cuts poised to worsen inequality

The Welfare Reform and Work Act received Royal Assent on 16 March 2016. QPSW, alongside many individual Friends and Quaker meetings, actively campaigned against the Bill. Suzanne Ismail, Economic Issues Programme Manager, writes about what the new Act means. The Welfare Reform and Work Act was presented as a key part of the government’s plan […]

Post Paris: What next?

Over the last two weeks on this blog we’ve featured the wealth and variety of action that Friends have been taking for climate justice around and beyond the climate negotiations, which concluded this past weekend. Now for some thoughts on what actually happened in Paris, and what happens next. What did those negotiations achieve? Opinion […]