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Some lessons in economics …


One of the points which we all must grasp is that “the economy” and “economics” – the ‘lens’ through which we judge success and failure – are, to a great extent, human constructions.  We have entrusted the development and maintenance of this lens (the more commonly used word is paradigm) to a group of people […]

Overcoming the confusion – being ‘well-informed and confident!

‘Conventional wisdom’ is a term which I attribute to the late Kenneth Galbraith.  It may have other origins, but Galbraith’s description of the term  (on pages 8 and 9 of The Affluent Society) displays an elegance and a humour which makes it a pleasure to read and something on which to reflect. The point I […]

Tony Weekes

I am a one-time member of staff of the department of economics in the University of York.  Since 1993, I have worked as an independent researcher, writer and lecturer.  From 2000 until 2006, I was a guest lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment in Dublin Institute of Technology and then Ferguson Fellow at […]