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Mark Frankel is a member of Kingston upon Thames meeting and a retired civil servant, having spent the latter years of his career in an agency of HM Treasury. He has a bad degree in history from a good university and a good degree in philosophy from a bad university.  Please visit his Quakerperson blog […]

Symon Hill

I am a Temporary Programme Co-ordinator at Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW).

Jon Long – fatbrit007


Hi – I’m Jon Long from Bristol – in my global career in global banking I developed global dominance and competitive strategies for the world’s largest banks, and sold these strategies to UK and US governments, using and developing Information, Economics and Money systems thinking and the largest decision support systems and processes available at […]

I trained as a professional engineer.  However, at an early stage I moved into computer applications, and spent many years using advanced computer modelling techniques in the design of complex structures.  Economists (who I prefer to refer to as ‘econocapitalists’) traditionally deny – usually patronisingly – that economics can learn from models from other technologies.  […]

James Bruges


My name is James Bruges but hyphenated with my wife, Marion, as Wells-Bruges at Redland Meeting. I have served on the Quaker Economics Issues Group. I was an architect in Bristol and then took to writing. The Little Earth Book kept me busy through four editions. The Big Earth Book followed. I have just finished […]

Grace Crookall-Greening

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Grace Crookall-Greening was a member of Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) Economic Issues Group from 2001-2007. She started out as a journalist, and ended her paid employment working in co-operative development; was media secretary and QPS puplications editor in the ’80s. With late husband John she helped start Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum 12 years […]

Dick Griffiths

Hello my name is Dick or Richard. Sometimes I’m also called ‘Microphone-steward-number-one’. You’re welcome to call me any of these!! I am a financial economist / investment strategist, but seem to be becoming a Quaker-writer at the moment. I’ve been seriously interested in something called the ‘moral-economy’ for about eight years now. I’m pretty sure […]

Sunniva Taylor

I am now the programme manager of QPSW’s Sustainability and Peace programme.

Suzanne Ismail

I’m part of the economic justice staff team in Quaker Peace & Social Witness.  I’ll be acting as one of the moderators for this blog, but from time to time may also chip in with comments or contributions.

Tony Weekes

I am a one-time member of staff of the department of economics in the University of York.  Since 1993, I have worked as an independent researcher, writer and lecturer.  From 2000 until 2006, I was a guest lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment in Dublin Institute of Technology and then Ferguson Fellow at […]

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