Meeting for Worship at anti-oil Festival

On Sunday 13 September the Art Not Oil Coalition is holding an anti-oil ‘festival’ at an oil-sponsored space (to be revealed) in London.  The plans were revealed in The Guardian this week . A group of Quakers from across London will join the day of action to protest against the oil sponsorship of public institutions. […]

The Need for a new ‘Information Commons’ as part of a democratic renewal

Article by Gavin Barker, a Friend from Truro Friends continue to campaign on economic inequality up and down the country. In Truro, we will be looking once again at renewing the  campaign we started prior to the election and seeing what other actions we can take in addition to the letters we wrote to candidates […]

Road Maps to Equality: 24 Oct, Birmingham

Second Birmingham Conference on Inequality – practical ways forward for Quakers Saturday 24th October – 10.30 – 16.30, Bull Street FMH Birmingham   Keynote speaker: Paul Parker, BYM Recording Clerk: Working for Equality – how it links with our faith   We hope that this conference will lead to practical action and that participants will […]

Debating finance: power, shadow banking and monetary policy

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As a follow-up to our event Debating the Power of Finance in November (see post from 24 October), I am now organising -together with PositiveMoney- a debate on three topics in finance: the power of the finance sector, shadow banking and money and monetary policy. Anybody who wants to learn about finance or share his […]

Good Money Week 2014

Good Money Week, 19-25 October 2014, is an opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment. Good Money Week is picking up where National Ethical Investment Week left off. The broader title reflects the changing landscape of […]

Westmorland TTIP event 18 October

WESTMORLAND REGIONAL MEETING October 18th at Lancaster Friends Meeting House, starting 10.30am Quaker Business Meeting 10.30- 2pm Followed at 2pm by a public meeting on TTIP: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Do you know what this is? You ought to if you don’t! Decisions are imminent within weeks which will threaten public services including the NHS. […]

Hunger Games UK?: Truro Sat 4 Oct 2014

Devon and Cornwall Quakers invite you to Hunger Games UK?  Dealing with Poverty and Inequality at local and national levels Saturday, 4 October 2014 Starting at 11:00 am and concluding around 3:45 pm Doreen and Malcolm Henderson, founders of Truro Foodbank – Experiences of dealing with acute hunger and despair, lobbying MP, fundraising Kim Chenoweth, […]

Women’s march from Jarrow – London opportunity – Saturday 6th September – People’s March for NHS – London Opportunity

Women’s march from Jarrow – London opportunity – Saturday 6th September – People’s March for NHS – London Opportunity Hope Friends will join in and share! Thx! John Courtneidge Member SELAM 0795 099 6418 ———————————————————— Opportunity for Saturday 6th September 2014 London UK People’s March for NHS Details of the London rally Please read […]

Food Banks are not enough: Practical ideas to challenge inequality

Central England Peace Committee invite Friends across Britain to this national Quaker conference for action Saturday 29th November 11.00-16.30 Bull Street FMH, Birmingham City Centre, B4 6AF Responding to concerns raised by Friends this day conference will consider practical steps to challenge inequality and austerity. The focus will be on action rather than analysis (although […]

YMG Journey: An economic system in which Quaker Testimony can flourish

Session 1. The Problem.  The first session in this Journey looked at some of the reasons – including climate change, resource depletion, growing inequality and the disproportionate power of big business – that have led us as Friends to discern that we need to build a better economic system. We considered the ways the system […]

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