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Climate justice: a temperature check

From fracking to divestment and the impact of Brexit on climate legislation, Friends across Britain have been taking action on climate justice. Chris Walker, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, discusses some of the highlights and challenges climate justice has faced in 2016. If you’re following the news about climate change, it’s hard to know whether […]

Brexit, TTIP and the future of UK trade policy

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has raised many questions for trade justice campaigners. Suzanne Ismail explains how. Over the last few years, many Earth and Economy readers have been campaigning against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – a major trade deal being negotiated between the European Union (EU) and the […]

Where next for the disinvestment movement?

The disinvestment movement is growing fast. Mark Letcher from Operation Noah shares news of what is happening. Photo: Activists throw a ‘divestment party’ on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. Credit: Over the last few months, two of the biggest Churches in the UK have joined the global fossil fuel disinvestment movement. In March […]

Good Money Week 2015: 18 – 24 October

Good Money Week is an opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment. For people of faith it has particular relevance as a time to reflect on whether your finances – from your general current account to […]

Taking action on fracking

Sunniva Taylor, QPSW programme manager, explains how Friends were involved in campaigning for the inclusion of a moratorium on fracking in the Infrastructure Act. Quakers in Britain are calling for a ban on fracking in the UK. QPSW and Friends across the country took action on the Infrastructure Bill (now Act) early this year. We […]

Make Tax Fair

As a member of the Tax Dodging Bill campaign, QPSW is calling on all political parties to pledge to introduce a Tax Dodging Bill in the first 100 days after the election. The Bill would help to reduce economic inequality by raising billions of pounds to help tackle poverty in developing countries and the UK. […]

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – the death of democracy

David Malone, a Friend from Scarborough Local Meeting, explains more about TTIP and why he believes Quakers could take this on as a core concern. For the last two years, up and down the country, I have been giving a talk called ‘The Death of Democracy’ about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a free […]

How you can help – demand BP and Shell act on climate change

2015 is a critical year for the climate movement. In December, world leaders will gather in Paris to forge a climate change agreement. As individuals and campaigners demand a greener future for our planet, and governments strive to create a political framework for change, it is vital that big companies pull their heads out of […]

Is it Best to Divest?

Shifting investments away from fossil fuels is not a simple decision. As members of the Trustee Group of Brighthelm, the first UK church to do so, we know! This is why we want to invite you to examine the arguments yourself.  Originally planned as a face-to-face seminar, we’ve decided to widen the scope for participation by making […]

Why I take action on climate change

Written by Liam Geary Baulch (Young Quaker)   I have recently been reinvigorated to take action on climate change, discussions amongst friends and in books and articles seem to have more energy, a shift within the activist community means the focus is now more than ever before on the social implications of an unstable planet, both in how […]

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