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Earth & Economy – Autumn 2016

We’ve just sent out the latest edition of our Earth and Economy newsletter! In this edition, we hear about investing in the new economy, a new toolkit for action, and what Brexit could mean for UK trade policy. You can read all the articles on Quakernomics by clicking on the following links: Investing in the new […]

Climate justice: a temperature check

From fracking to divestment and the impact of Brexit on climate legislation, Friends across Britain have been taking action on climate justice. Chris Walker, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, discusses some of the highlights and challenges climate justice has faced in 2016. If you’re following the news about climate change, it’s hard to know whether […]

Brexit, TTIP and the future of UK trade policy

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has raised many questions for trade justice campaigners. Suzanne Ismail explains how. Over the last few years, many Earth and Economy readers have been campaigning against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – a major trade deal being negotiated between the European Union (EU) and the […]

Visions of a new economy

QPSW launched its New Economy Project in late 2015 to explore how a Quakerly economic system could work in practice, using a series of seven booklets. With the first two booklets receiving lots of positive feedback from Friends, Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager, outlines what we have to look forward to in the next […]

News from the Quaker Living Wage Campaign

With Living Wage Week (31 October–5 November) just around the corner, and Mid-Thames Area Meeting recently becoming accredited as a Living Wage Employer, it seemed fitting to check in with the campaign. Ruth Tod from Henley Meeting, who helped coordinate this recent accreditation, describes the steps to success. Several Friends in our area are part […]

Quakers and credit unions

North Wales Area Meeting recently recognised a concern about Quaker involvement in credit unions. After a process of discernment they formed the North Wales Area Meeting Credit Union Group to explore and expand Quaker involvement in local credit unions. Here, Tricia Jones of Wrexham Local Meeting tells us more about the process so far and […]

Your Faith, Your Finance: new workshop resources

QPSW has put together a resource pack to help meetings explore how the way we use money connects to their faith. Here, Jo Hynes, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, outlines what this new resource offers. Money is the driving force or ‘blood’ of the economic system. How we channel our money affects the type […]

Toolkit for Action

Steve Whiting of the Turning the Tide programme and Jo Hynes, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, reflect on this month’s launch of the Toolkit for Action. healing and putting right, and we respond differently to different issues. Some feel their strongest response when they realise the tragedy of eco-destruction, or animal cruelty. Some weep […]

Investing in the new economy

With the fossil fuel divestment movement gaining increasing momentum, Sunniva Taylor, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, and Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager, turn their attention to opportunities for reinvestment. “I have learned… that stewardship of our financial resources demands not only meticulous accounting skills but also knowledge of what our money does, and imagination […]

Earth and Economy – Spring 2016

We’ve just sent out the latest edition of our Earth and Economy newsletter! In this edition, we hear about the new economy project, Friends taking action for climate justice, explore the benefits of local currencies, and more. You can read all the articles on Quakernomics by clicking on the following links: The New Economy project: working on a […]

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Earth and Economy, the joint newsletter of Quaker Peace & Social Witness’s Economic Issues and Sustainability & Peace Programmes. The amalgamation of our programme newsletters reflects a shift in the way QPSW, and Friends across the country, are thinking about and acting on issues of economics and sustainability. There has been a growing awareness that our economic and environmental crises are finely enmeshed, and as witness to our testmonies, we must tackle both crises together. Friends have been joining with others to change the impact of their own lives on people and planet, and challenge the unsustainable and unjust economic and political structures in which we live.
You will see from the Friends in action and Conversation starter pages, that this newsletter isn’t just for telling Friends what QPSW is doing. It’s also for Friends to share news about how they’ve been taking action.