Climate justice: a temperature check

From fracking to divestment and the impact of Brexit on climate legislation, Friends across Britain have been taking action on climate justice. Chris Walker, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, discusses some of the highlights and challenges climate justice has faced in 2016. If you’re following the news about climate change, it’s hard to know whether […]

Investing in the new economy

With the fossil fuel divestment movement gaining increasing momentum, Sunniva Taylor, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, and Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager, turn their attention to opportunities for reinvestment. “I have learned… that stewardship of our financial resources demands not only meticulous accounting skills but also knowledge of what our money does, and imagination […]

REGBI and disinvestment update

REGBI and disinvestment update The initial results of Chayley Collis’ (Huddersfield Meeting) survey about local meeting use of renewable energy, and fossil fuel divestment are now in! Of those that have filled it in so far, 83% of the Meeting Houses and Quaker buildings get their electricity from either Good Energy, Ecotricity or the Renewable […]

Summer budget: a few thoughts on the implications for climate and energy justice concerns

The Summer Budget, presented to the House of Commons by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, earlier this month, contained some worrying announcements in terms of climate and energy justice. Removal of the climate change levy exemption for renewables The climate change levy is a tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users in the […]

Survey on Fossil Free divestment and Renewable energy for Meeting Houses and Quaker buildings

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New survey on renewable energy and fossil free divestment for Meeting Houses and Quaker buildings developed by Chayley Collis, a Huddersfield Ffriend,  to help get a snapshot of what steps Meeting Houses and Quaker buildings in Britain have taken to become ‘Fossil Free’. Please could meetings share this (very quick) survey with their Treasurers or […]

Fossil Fuel Divestment: Building the Movement

Join, the Guardian and partners for a day of inspiring talks and hands-on workshops to learn more about the growing fossil fuel divestment movement and get involved. Saturday 11th July 11.00-17.15 Friends House, London The fossil fuel divestment movement is the fastest growing divestment movement the world has ever seen, and a growing challenge […]

Global Divestment Day

Alison Prout, QPSW programme manager, writes about how Quakers got involved in Global Divestment Day and some of the divestment campaigns QPSW is supporting. An enormous dinosaur, Boris Johnson, singing, impersonators, street theatre and a giant heart. Just a few of the features of Quaker participation in Global Divestment Day. Divestment, or disinvestment, simply means […]

Taking action on fracking

Sunniva Taylor, QPSW programme manager, explains how Friends were involved in campaigning for the inclusion of a moratorium on fracking in the Infrastructure Act. Quakers in Britain are calling for a ban on fracking in the UK. QPSW and Friends across the country took action on the Infrastructure Bill (now Act) early this year. We […]

Reflections on manifestos, part 1. Intro and content

Reflections on the General Election manifestos By the QPSW Economic Issues and Sustainability & Peace programmes You can download a pdf version of the full analysis here – GE Manifesto analysis Final. 1. Introduction QPSW’s economic and sustainability programmes are campaigning for energy and climate justice and for a reduction in economic inequality. The outcome […]

Reflections on manifestos, part 2. Energy Justice

This post forms part of a 4-part commentary on the General Election manifestos by the Economic Issues and Sustainability & Peace programme of QPSW. Introduction and links to commentary on climate justice and economic inequality related elements of the manifestos here. 2. Energy justice QPSW is campaigning for energy justice. We want a rapid transition to […]

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