News from the Quaker Living Wage Campaign

With Living Wage Week (31 October–5 November) just around the corner, and Mid-Thames Area Meeting recently becoming accredited as a Living Wage Employer, it seemed fitting to check in with the campaign. Ruth Tod from Henley Meeting, who helped coordinate this recent accreditation, describes the steps to success. Several Friends in our area are part […]

Quakers and credit unions

North Wales Area Meeting recently recognised a concern about Quaker involvement in credit unions. After a process of discernment they formed the North Wales Area Meeting Credit Union Group to explore and expand Quaker involvement in local credit unions. Here, Tricia Jones of Wrexham Local Meeting tells us more about the process so far and […]

Your Faith, Your Finance: new workshop resources

QPSW has put together a resource pack to help meetings explore how the way we use money connects to their faith. Here, Jo Hynes, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, outlines what this new resource offers. Money is the driving force or ‘blood’ of the economic system. How we channel our money affects the type […]

A Dissenting Quaker on Money

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When I started the research for my book Quakernomics: An Ethical Capitalism four years ago I was helped and encouraged by the Quakernomics blogger and economist Tony Weekes. At the same time Tony introduced me to the work of Positive Money. I must be differently constituted to most Quakers because my immediate response was that […]

A Quaker Living Wage campaign

Lancaster Quakers have been running a local Living Wage campaign for nearly a year. They are now inviting other Quakers to join them. Ann Morgan, a member of Lancaster Quaker Living Wage Project Group, explains what has been happening and how you can get involved. Photo: Friends in Lancaster call for local businesses to pay […]

Using investments for good

Simon Bond, Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting Investment Committee, writes about making investment decisions that reflect Quaker values. Photo: QPSW and Rathbone Greenbank work with others to convince Parliamentarians of the need for strong legislation to ensure that large companies work to prevent slavery occurring in the supply chain. Credit: QPSW. Modern slavery and ethical […]

Where next for the disinvestment movement?

The disinvestment movement is growing fast. Mark Letcher from Operation Noah shares news of what is happening. Photo: Activists throw a ‘divestment party’ on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. Credit: Over the last few months, two of the biggest Churches in the UK have joined the global fossil fuel disinvestment movement. In March […]

Good Money Week 2015: 18 – 24 October

Good Money Week is an opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment. For people of faith it has particular relevance as a time to reflect on whether your finances – from your general current account to […]

Ethex Annual Gathering 2015

The Quaker community are one of the early pioneers of the divestment movement, having already dis-invested their money from industries causing a negative social impact, such as fossil fuels. As Quakers are very active in thinking about the impacts of their money, this post is to make Friends aware of an event coming up in […]

Global Divestment Day

Alison Prout, QPSW programme manager, writes about how Quakers got involved in Global Divestment Day and some of the divestment campaigns QPSW is supporting. An enormous dinosaur, Boris Johnson, singing, impersonators, street theatre and a giant heart. Just a few of the features of Quaker participation in Global Divestment Day. Divestment, or disinvestment, simply means […]

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