New Economy

Visions of a new economy

QPSW launched its New Economy Project in late 2015 to explore how a Quakerly economic system could work in practice, using a series of seven booklets. With the first two booklets receiving lots of positive feedback from Friends, Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager, outlines what we have to look forward to in the next […]

Quakers and credit unions

North Wales Area Meeting recently recognised a concern about Quaker involvement in credit unions. After a process of discernment they formed the North Wales Area Meeting Credit Union Group to explore and expand Quaker involvement in local credit unions. Here, Tricia Jones of Wrexham Local Meeting tells us more about the process so far and […]

Your Faith, Your Finance: new workshop resources

QPSW has put together a resource pack to help meetings explore how the way we use money connects to their faith. Here, Jo Hynes, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, outlines what this new resource offers. Money is the driving force or ‘blood’ of the economic system. How we channel our money affects the type […]

Investing in the new economy

With the fossil fuel divestment movement gaining increasing momentum, Sunniva Taylor, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, and Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager, turn their attention to opportunities for reinvestment. “I have learned… that stewardship of our financial resources demands not only meticulous accounting skills but also knowledge of what our money does, and imagination […]

Thoughts on: how should we measure economic success?

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In this blog post, Ivan Hutnik from Quakers and Business responds to the first new economy booklet, ‘What’s the economy for?’ Booklet 1 asks whether it is better to use a single metric (like GPI) or several (as in the NEF 5 indicators) to measure economic success. My own sense is that a single indicator […]

Competition – a poem

James Bruges, from Redland Meeting, recently wrote an insightful poem which relates well to present discussions on what goals, and for whom, the present economic structures work for. Thank you James!   Competition You must compete said the chancellor, this will make us rich, the envy of the world.   You must compete said the […]

Quakers & Business Gathering June 2016

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Quakers & Business is a group set up around a century ago by Quakers working in business, who wanted a space to discuss their particular concerns. Their gathering on Saturday 25th June was themed ‘What would today’s Cadbury look like?’ You can read Quakers & Business’ account of the day at: At its height, […]

Cadbury & Bourneville

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An extract from Ivan Hutnik’s introductory talk at the Quaker & Business gathering on 25th June 2016. A full transcript of the talk is available at George Cadbury senior used his wealth to create a village to house his workforce. We are all probably familiar with the physical achievement of Bournville. Many of the […]

New economy booklets available online

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The first two booklets in the new economy series are now available! You can either view them in PDF form or order a paper copy by emailing Booklet 1 – What’s the economy for? This booklet asks what the aims of economic policy should be. It questions the sustainability of perpetual economic growth and […]

‘The way ahead for the British economy’

I am sceptical about the viability of the Principles of the New Economy, an oppositionist venture which appears to be at variance with the Quaker tradition of ethical capitalism. However, I recognise that Friends have a well-founded concern about the state of contemporary society and rightly seek a way to strengthen the spiritual basis of […]

About this category

Recent Britain Yearly Meetings have recognised the need for a more just economic system that works for both people and planet. However whilst Quakers are generally clear about the need for economic change; we are still, corporately, discerning what that better economic system might look like and how we might get there. QPSW’s New Economy project was developed to inform and support that discernment, learn from friends already working in this area and to develop opportunities for practical action.

A first stage in the project has been to produce a visionary document Principles for a new economy. This seeks to outline the key principles and features of an economic system that would be compatible with Quaker values. Later stages of the project will see the production of a range of learning/discussion resources as well as events, workshops and support for Friends taking practical action.
This section of Quakernomics is a place for Friends who are working for or interested in economic change to respond to the principles document, share ideas and connect.

For more information about QPSW’s new economy work see