Quakers join fuel poverty ‘die in’

Friends were along a 100- strong group of people protesting against fuel poverty in London on Friday 28th November. Many participants, from pensioner, anti-poverty, self-help and climate groups took part in a ‘die-in’ on the tarmac outside the offices of energy trade association Energy UK, organised by Fuel Poverty Action and Reclaim the Power. They […]

The need to limit population growth?

We collected about 200 questions at the Zero Growth Economy conference in September, across a number of themes; however time only allowed us to put a minority of these to the speakers. We thought it would be valuable to share some more of the questions on this blog, starting with the issue of population growth, […]

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A recurring question at the Zero Growth Economy conference held in September was the place of population growth in debates on the economy and sustainability.

Two key themes came up in the questions:

Does population growth globally constitute a problem that needs to be solved soon?

Why don’t people discuss this?