Taking Action

Silent prayer vigil on climate justice

On Saturday 8th October Cartmel Quakers held a silent prayer vigil in Grange-over-Sands as part of the national Climate Coalition ‘Speak Up’ Week of Action, from the 8th to the 16th October. As our small group came together we were joined by a number of visiting Friends from other Meetings as well as several local […]

Climate justice: a temperature check

From fracking to divestment and the impact of Brexit on climate legislation, Friends across Britain have been taking action on climate justice. Chris Walker, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, discusses some of the highlights and challenges climate justice has faced in 2016. If you’re following the news about climate change, it’s hard to know whether […]

Toolkit for Action

Steve Whiting of the Turning the Tide programme and Jo Hynes, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, reflect on this month’s launch of the Toolkit for Action. healing and putting right, and we respond differently to different issues. Some feel their strongest response when they realise the tragedy of eco-destruction, or animal cruelty. Some weep […]

Investing in the new economy

With the fossil fuel divestment movement gaining increasing momentum, Sunniva Taylor, Sustainability & Peace Programme Manager, and Cait Crosse, New Economy Project Manager, turn their attention to opportunities for reinvestment. “I have learned… that stewardship of our financial resources demands not only meticulous accounting skills but also knowledge of what our money does, and imagination […]

‘Be the change’ – a new resource for young Quakers taking action

‘Be the change’ is a new resource to support young Quakers to take action, exploring why some of the issues Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) campaigns on are important. The resource features cards exploring the issues and links to www.yqspace.org.uk, where there is more information and a toolkit of ideas for taking action. The […]

The Need for a new ‘Information Commons’ as part of a democratic renewal

Article by Gavin Barker, a Friend from Truro Friends continue to campaign on economic inequality up and down the country. In Truro, we will be looking once again at renewing the  campaign we started prior to the election and seeing what other actions we can take in addition to the letters we wrote to candidates […]

End Austerity Now march

20 June, 11.30 am.  Central London Quakers will be gathering to march together at this People’s Assembly national march and demonstration to “End Austerity Now”. Meet under the Quaker banner outside St Etheburga’s (78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG) at 11.30, leaving at 11.50 to join the start of the march. Please let Anne Wilkinson know if you […]

Quaker Equality Week

Quakers across the country united in publicly challenging economic inequality. Maya Williams, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, shares how. This March more than 80 Quaker meetings across Britain took part in Quaker Equality Week, powerfully bearing witness to our testimony to equality in the face of huge and increasing differences in levels of income […]

Global Divestment Day

Alison Prout, QPSW programme manager, writes about how Quakers got involved in Global Divestment Day and some of the divestment campaigns QPSW is supporting. An enormous dinosaur, Boris Johnson, singing, impersonators, street theatre and a giant heart. Just a few of the features of Quaker participation in Global Divestment Day. Divestment, or disinvestment, simply means […]

Taking action on fracking

Sunniva Taylor, QPSW programme manager, explains how Friends were involved in campaigning for the inclusion of a moratorium on fracking in the Infrastructure Act. Quakers in Britain are calling for a ban on fracking in the UK. QPSW and Friends across the country took action on the Infrastructure Bill (now Act) early this year. We […]

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