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By Cait on June 15, 2016

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The first two booklets in the new economy series are now available!

You can either view them in PDF form or order a paper copy by emailing

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Booklet 1 – What’s the economy for?

This booklet asks what the aims of economic policy should be. It questions the sustainability of perpetual economic growth and asks how we might measure economic success in the new economy.

View Booklet 1 here [PDF]

Booklet 2 – Good work in the new economy?

In this booklet, we explore how we might better organise work. How can be create jobs that enhance workers’ lives? How can be reward and celebrate unpaid work? And what business structures could help make this vision a reality?

View booklet 2 here [PDF]


What are the booklets for?

The new economy booklet series explores different aspects of the economy and ask what an alternative economic system, compatible with Quaker values, could look like. The booklets are intended as a resource to support Friends to reflect on economic change and how we can work, as Quakers, to build a fairer and more sustainable economy.


Get involved!

Once you’ve read the booklets, please share your thoughts with other Friends! The whole point of the booklets is to stimulate debate and reflection, so you definitely don’t have to agree with everything we’ve written so far! You can contribute to the conversation on the new economy here on Quakernomics, by writing a blog post in response to one or both of the new economy booklets. If there is a subject connected to the booklets about which you have something to say, you could also create a blog to enrich our debate on the issues raised and provide more information for Friends who want to explore the topic in more depth.

If you want to give feedback directly, or talk through any blog idea you’re unsure of, you can always contact me at or 020 7663 1035.

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