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Thoughts on: how should we measure economic success?

In this blog post, Ivan Hutnik from Quakers and Business responds to the first new economy booklet, ‘What’s the economy for?’ Booklet 1 asks whether it is better to use a single metric (like GPI) or several (as in the NEF 5 indicators) to measure economic success. My own sense is that a single indicator […]

New economy booklets available online

The first two booklets in the new economy series are now available! You can either view them in PDF form or order a paper copy by emailing Booklet 1 – What’s the economy for? This booklet asks what the aims of economic policy should be. It questions the sustainability of perpetual economic growth and […]

Why is growth fundamental to capitalist economies?

I’ve been intrigued to discover that growth is a structural necessity in our current economy, for social stability ie to avoid unemployment. Growth can sound like a good thing – particularly in the neo-classical paradigm of “more is better”.  But GDP growth is not an imperative for our leaders because it makes us better off. […]