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Friends in Action: Land for People and Communities

Martin Large (Nailsworth LM) describes how Community Land Trusts are bringing social, cultural, economic and other benefits across the UK. Securing affordable and open access to land is a live issue here in Stroud. Our local Community Land Trust (CLT), Gloucestershire Land for People has just announced a partnership with Kevin McLeod, presenter of Grand […]

Events in Reading

Anne Pettifor in Reading Anne Pettifor (who helped launch Jubilee 2000 and is one of the authors of the Green New Deal) gave a very interesting talk at Reading University yesterday (20th October). Her main focus was on the role of money in the economy and how it is created by the banks. She argued […]

What Green Shoots?

The writers of the Pentateuch banned interest and introduced a 50-year Jubilee for cancellation of debts. Confucian China discovered most of the technical breakthroughs that led the West to prosperity and rejected them: they were more concerned to avoid social disruption than to achieve commercial progress. In the period that produced cathedrals the king’s currency […]

Grace Crookall-Greening

Grace Crookall-Greening was a member of Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) Economic Issues Group from 2001-2007. She started out as a journalist, and ended her paid employment working in co-operative development; was media secretary and QPS puplications editor in the ’80s. With late husband John she helped start Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum 12 years […]

The need to be positive

I would rather we had couched the title question as ‘What would a more equal society within a zero growth economy mean for us all?’ That might have focused attention more positively and acknowledged the need for redistribution of wealth and power from the start. Zero growth, Duncan Green said in relation to developing countries, […]

Media coverage of the conference

Duncan Green (of Oxfam) and Alistair McIntosh (social activist and author), two of the speakers at the confernce, have written about their involvement in the event and reflections on what was discussed. See Duncan’s blog, From Poverty to Power at, and Alistair McIntosh’s contribution to Face to faith in the Guardian on Saturday 3rd October at […]

The Big Picture

My thoughts 1. Good news – an excellent conference (well conceived, well organized, excellent speakers) 2. Bad news – most of it could have happened in 1976 (difference = cumulative worsening of impacts). 3. Conclusion – we need to get our act together and fast as today we are 10 nil down versus the ‘enemy’. […]

Developers’ profit v local sustainability?

I was at a public meeting last  night organised by our parish council to discuss the Borough Council’s options paper and core strategy which are part of the new planning  process, the Local Development Framework, which government  has introduced to replace the old Local Plan process. Gone are the direct questions about whether to support […]