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You, we, me, ethics and people-centered economics

This story begins with an invitation from the US President offering a citizen the opportunity to serve on a committee, the one which drives the campaign for his re-election. He’s given no brief for the role, that of honorary researcher, so decides to write a white paper a “what if” describing a new economic paradigm […]

Putting an armed violence lens on the MDGs

Staff from the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva report The forthcoming Millenium Development Goal Review Summit has prompted an enormous amount of activity by groups and governments around the world. Mostly missing from this, however, has been attention to armed violence – a key factor that is undermining MDG progress.  Some 740,000 men, women […]

Film Screening in London 12 Dec: The End of Poverty? Think Again

London based Quakernomics users may be interested to attend a screening of  the award-winning documentary ‘The End of Poverty?’ at the British Film Institute (BFI)  in London on the 12th December at 2pm. The screening, hosted by BFI and Share The World’s Resources, will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:  Irene Khan – Secretary General […]

What about the international economic institutions?

What I came away with was a sense of lots of doom and gloom which was potentially disempowering. But personally I’m still in for the work to help change hearts and minds from the grass roots up!  And the Quaker message for me is fundamental   because  equality and simplicity of living on our earth  is […]

About Quakernomics

About Quakernomics Quakernomics is a forum for discussion and debate about the relationships between the economic system, our lives, and the Earth. It is a space to both reflect on and plan ways to build a more just and sustainable world. Quakernomics been set up by Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) as a space for […]