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Debating finance: power, shadow banking and monetary policy

As a follow-up to our event Debating the Power of Finance in November (see post from 24 October), I am now organising -together with PositiveMoney- a debate on three topics in finance: the power of the finance sector, shadow banking and money and monetary policy. Anybody who wants to learn about finance or share his […]

Debating the power of finance

Individuals may feel quite powerless in the face of today’s finance sector: its economic importance seems to make it untouchable, while it can exert considerable clout in the policy-making process. Ordinary citizens can hardly participate in policy debates, which are deliberately technical and supposedly value-free. Yet, my Quaker commitment to equality means to me that […]

What is the problem with the current system?

One question I have is how did the financial markets managed to destabilise entire economies during the credit crunch. This is important as nothing fundamental has changed as a result of the credit crunch so we are surely vulnerable to a repeat. I have tried to understand this from Tim Jackson’s SDC report “Prosperity Without […]