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Challenging ‘power’

This week’s New Statesman carried a piece by Mark Lynas on how people are ‘blowing hot and cold’ on climate change – about the continuing debate on whether it is really happening or not. I didn’t feel that this was an issue for Friends at the conference – perhaps because we would all agree anyway […]

What about the international economic institutions?

What I came away with was a sense of lots of doom and gloom which was potentially disempowering. But personally I’m still in for the work to help change hearts and minds from the grass roots up!  And the Quaker message for me is fundamental   because  equality and simplicity of living on our earth  is […]

The positive alternative – what is it?

I attended the conference yesterday in the hope that we would spend most of the day hearing about the zero growth economy.  I’m afraid what I actually heard was mostly about the dire failings of the growth economy – something I am already familiar with, as I suspect most of the attendees were too.   The […]

About Quakernomics

About Quakernomics Quakernomics is a forum for discussion and debate about the relationships between the economic system, our lives, and the Earth. It is a space to both reflect on and plan ways to build a more just and sustainable world. Quakernomics been set up by Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) as a space for […]