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Free short courses

Friends might be interested to know of some free online short courses provided by British universities through  I’ve just started one on Climate change: challenges and solutions (8 weeks, 3 hours/wk) and am finding it useful and enjoyable.  Some other titles coming up are: Sustainability, Society and you (started 6 Jan 2014) but I think […]

Can anthropology shed light on the financial crisis?

At the recent Quaker Business Conference 2010, senior Financial Times journalist Gillian Tett explained why she thought the answer to the above question is ‘yes’. Before becoming a journalist, Gillian worked as a social anthropologist in Soviet Tajikistan while studying for a PhD. One of the things anthropologists observe is what is discussed and, perhaps […]

James Bruges

My name is James Bruges but hyphenated with my wife, Marion, as Wells-Bruges at Redland Meeting. I have served on the Quaker Economics Issues Group. I was an architect in Bristol and then took to writing. The Little Earth Book kept me busy through four editions. The Big Earth Book followed. I have just finished […]

Developers’ profit v local sustainability?

I was at a public meeting last  night organised by our parish council to discuss the Borough Council’s options paper and core strategy which are part of the new planning  process, the Local Development Framework, which government  has introduced to replace the old Local Plan process. Gone are the direct questions about whether to support […]