Quakers and Transition

By Sunniva on June 25, 2011

I’m writing from Woodbrooke in Birmingham where from yesterday evening until Sunday lunch time (24th – 26th June 2011) 40 Friends are gathering to talk about Quakers and Transition. Transition Initiatives are community led responses to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and the economic system. They aim to build resistance and drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Friends at this event – for which I am a co-tutor – are involved or hoping to be involved in transition activities. I hope that this weekend will build connections and enthusiasm and provide space for the sharing of ideas and actions. Another event on the same theme is planned for 2012 so this is only the start of the conversation.

I am inviting Friends, both at the event and elsewhere, to share their experiences of being involved in Transition and add their ideas and reflections to this blog.

For more information about Transition see www.transitionnetwork.org.

Sunniva Taylor, QPSW Sustainability and Peace programme

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