Your Faith, Your Finance: new workshop resources

By Chris W on October 27, 2016

QPSW has put together a resource pack to help meetings explore how the way we use money connects to their faith. Here, Jo Hynes, Economics, Sustainability & Peace Network Coordinator, outlines what this new resource offers.

Money is the driving force or ‘blood’ of the economic system. How we channel our money affects the type of economy we have and therefore whether it respects the earth and promotes equality and peace.

In 2011 Britain Yearly Meeting made a commitment to become a low-carbon, sustainable community and to work towards creating an economic system in which Quaker testimonies can flourish. The way we use our money can be a tool to help us bring about these changes, yet if we fail to take an active interest in how our money is managed and used, we run the risk of it undermining our testimonies and values. Fortunately, since ethical investment moved into the mainstream in the 1980s and 1990s the range of options open to anyone wanting to manage their money according to their values has grown significantly.

QPSW set up the Your Faith, Your Finance project as a response to queries from Friends saying that they knew there was a connection between their own financial resources and the commitments made by Britain Yearly Meeting, but they were unsure of the next steps to take. As a first step we worked with our colleagues at the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) to produce www., a website designed to help Friends and others start to explore these issues. We then went on to run a series of successful workshops with local meetings around the country, exploring these links and offering a space where meetings could discuss options suitable to them.

Off the back of the success of these workshops, QPSW has now put together a resource pack to help meetings explore these issues for themselves. It should provide meetings with the tools they need to run a workshop to investigate the range of options available to them as individuals and as a meeting. It works best as a one- to two-hour workshop and assumes no prior knowledge of finance, making it a flexible resource suited to any group wanting to explore ethical finance options.

All meetings’ and individuals’ financial circumstances are different, so rather than directing groups to take a particular course of action, the Your Faith, Your Finance resource highlights a range of approaches to ethical money management, providing a space for Friends to explore and discuss their responses to some common ethical money dilemmas.



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