Using the blog

The Quakernomics blog is intended to be a forum for discussion and debate about the economic system and the relationships between economics, our lives, and the planet.

How it works

This blog is a space for Friends and others to share ideas, debate, learn and be inspired to take action. We welcome and encourage discussion and hope that Friends and others feel free to comment on the posts and to start new themes for discussion.

To comment: Simply click on the word ‘comments’, which appears after each post, and add your thoughts. You will be asked for your name and email address.

To start a new thread: If you would like to start a new topic for discussion then you need to register as a blogger.  To do so please click on ‘register’ and follow the instructions to add your post. 

Threads submitted by new bloggers must be approved by the moderators before they appear ‘live’ on the blog.  However once bloggers have established a track record of posting  in accordance with the guidelines below no approval will be required.

Guidelines for using the blog

This blog is intended as a space for discussion and enquiry and we believe that users will approach it in an open, welcoming and empathetic manner, ready to listen to others views.

However, below are some guidelines to facilitate discussion:

1. Remember that some users will be new to Friends and some will not be economists! Avoid, or explain, any technical language and use of acronyms.

2. Opinions are expected, including strong, contentious and unconventional ones. Contributions on this blog need to be polite, calm and empathetic toward others. Try to give a factual basis to any assumptions.

3. In your contributions, maintain respect for each person even if their beliefs and practices are not your own. Try to understand what they have to say.

4. Read each contribution carefully and if something is not clear (or has several possible interpretations) ask for it to be made clearer before offering a response – this will often help avoid arguments based on misunderstandings. Be creative and seek positive outcomes for conflicts. Try to assume the best intentions in others and assume that each contributor to the blog is also attempting the same practice.

5. Blog contributors should write as individuals not as spokespeople for organisations that they may be associated with.


The blog is currently moderated by staff in QPSW. The moderator may help and support discussion by, for example, posting answers to questions about how the blog works, keeping discussions relevant to the thread topic or moving threads to more appropriate forum areas.

The moderator may edit or delete text in a post but this will only be in exceptional circumstances. For example, if abusive, illegal or dangerous content is posted.

Posts can be reported to the moderator by emailing Suzanne Ismail using

Moderators will follow one of these procedures when contributions are reported or when a moderator sees a post that they believe does not follow the blog guidelines.

  • Moderators may move the contents of the post into a new section of the forum and replace the original post with the following message (including a link): ‘Moderators have moved the content of this post here as they believe its subject matter forms a new thread topic’.
  • The moderator may delete parts of a post, marking the places with [section deleted] and insert the following comment before the beginning of the content: ‘Moderators are concerned that this part of the post may not be in harmony with blog guidelines or with Quaker values’.
  • Moderators may delete the content of the post entirely and replace it with the following message: ‘Moderators have removed the content of this post as they believe it does not follow the blog guidelines which are based on Quaker values’

Contributions on this blog are discussions, not Quaker ministry as offered in a Quaker meeting for worship. Moderators are not expected to be responsible for ‘eldership’ of blog users as explained in Quaker Faith and Practice 12.12.

These guidelines are still evolving; please contact Suzanne Ismail  if you have any comments to make on them.