Marriages regardless of gender

July 31st, 2009 by AliceY

I’m glad yearly meeting was able to go forward with this. We are going to treat all couples the same on the Quaker side and are going to work for change in the law to equalize the legal status of all our marriages as well.

I think we have taken this step forward in hope and faith. We have decided to trust each other and to proclaim our support of each others’ discernment. God judges us; we put our faith in the living Christ who is with us, who has made us confident in this act of faith and inclusion. Jesus has called us to overthrow all oppression, to trust in the liberating holy power. We have been called together to praise and glorify the wonders of God: he is making a new thing in us. We have said yes to God today, answering the call of the world to come where peace and justice reign eternally.

We don’t know where this decision will take us, but we know that God equips us to do the work God wants us to do. The world is hurting and people are hurting, and we know there is a God who cares and acts, inviting us to put our trust in God and listen so we can hear what our part is in the healing of ourselves and the world.

Endings and beginnings

July 31st, 2009 by Gil Skidmore

YMG is coming to an end -only really final celebrations, epilogue and meeting for leaving to go – and I’m tired and in reflective mood.

I went to a group at lunchtime to feed back feelings about the Gathering experiment to the review group and that helped me organise my thoughts a little.

My experience as a whole has been positive, more so I think as I really did try to come with an open mind. We succeeded in managing to create connections and community and the time and flexibility allowed us to approach what might have been a difficult decision creatively. We allowed the Spirit to work and together discovered what that means.

For myself I missed the space for different kinds of learning together which Summer Gathering has given me before, but perhaps I need to seek out alternative opportunities for this.

I found YMG overwhelming at times but that is no different from all the many other Quaker gatherings I’ve been to. There was so much do to and so little time but again, nothing new there! I have very much appreciated the opportunity to blog and to read other people’s blogs and tweets. For me this is a new level of connection.

As I leave YMG it is the YM sessions and several of the introductions that will stay with me. Today Quakers are in the news. What I feel as my responsibility is to continue to take part in the process, to talk to Friends in my meeting who were not here, to people in other Yearly Meetings and in other churches, to carry on a dialogue of love and respect. 

But just at this moment I need a holiday to recover from this week!

Views of YMG09

July 31st, 2009 by nikolasd



Latest press release

July 31st, 2009 by nikolasd

For latest press release re comitted relationships and same sex marriages go to Press Release 31st July 2009 [Word doc 35kb].

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